” The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.”

David Lynch , Catching the Big Fish.

The continued practice of meditation or mindfulness is the perfect complement to any process of coaching and personal development.

A regular practice, as frequently shown in numerous articles and scientific studies (as here, here, or here), will improve your quality of life in a wide variety of aspects, as it will help you reduce your stress and anxiety or the risk of suffering certain diseases. Besides, it will have a positive influence on the process and quality aging.

Meditating also influences our powers of observation and self-observation. It helps us enjoy the moment, focus and concentrate better, and develop the capabilities of our right hemisphere brain (responsible for creativity). All of them are very valuable skills in the process of personal growth.

On coaching, meditation’s main contribution is allowing us to tell the difference between mind and thoughts. Meditation helps us expand the spaces between thoughts; it reduces recurrent obsessive thoughts, expands the action-reaction gap and placates the reactive mind – the one that gets us into so much trouble and often makes us do and say things that we regret later… Instead of a sudden and mechanical answer, we develop a space; we breathe and what results is a voluntary decision.

When we stop constantly identifying ourselves with our own thoughts we find out that there is something beyond that is essential that constitutes us. Naturally, we discover our personal power and get that extra strength to achieve our goal, the desired change and transformation.

The practice of meditation is the path. Coaching, a great shortcut. Combined, they pave the way.

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